Spring 2018 First Impressions: My Hero Academia S3 – The One Where They Have A Clip Show From Friends

Izuku Midoriya and his peers from U.A. Academy are on their way to becoming true heroes. After their recent clashes with Hero Killer Stain and Shigaraki with his League of Villains, as well as their end of term tests, the group know that they have a long way to come before they’re ready to defend the world. In aid of that, the group meet up for some endurance training prior to their summer camp and reminisce on the events of their school year so far. But in the shadows, the League of Villains are preparing for their next assault…

mha 39-2.jpg

I had forgotten that each new season of My Hero Academia starts with a lengthy recap before we actually get into the meat of the show. While I don’t mind a basic rundown of last series’ events to get me up to speed, judging by the fact that probably half the runtime of this episode was devoted to reminding the viewer of basically every important scene the creators seem to expect that we’ve completely forgotten everything that has happened up to this point. Give us some credit, My Hero Academia! The last season only finished six months ago and it was plenty memorable. We can get things rolling a bit faster than this. It felt like one of those episodes on every season of Friends where they all sit around on the couch in Monica’s apartment and have a clip show where they’re all going, “Haha, and remember the time this happened?? Pretty wild! (roll the tape, we want to get out of here in an hour!)”

It’s a shame, because if they had less clips then this could be an entertaining episode in its own right despite the fact that it’s filler. The class all head to school for some endurance training at the pool, which leaves room for plenty of little character moments, but instead we see two characters interact, some clips play, and then they telekinetically monologue at each other about how they’ve grown as people and will always be great friends. For real, at one point Iida and Todoroki seem to have a conversation affirming how they will live up to their family legacy without ever moving their mouths, and even Izuku joins in at the end. As it is there isn’t quite enough new material to keep it engaging, especially since a significant amount of the non-recap content involves Mineta. You know, everybody’s fan favourite?

mha 39-1.jpg

That’s not to say I’m not excited for the new season. I’m really looking forward to the next arc because My Hero Academia has always done an amazing job at making cliches, like the tournament arc or the final exam arc, surprisingly engaging and very worthwhile in terms of character development. I’m sure that once this season actually gets going I’ll be on the edge of my seat and hooting and hollering with the best of them, especially if I get plenty of Tsuyu, Aizawa or Iida content. Iida is very precious and I will protect him at all costs.

The production quality for this season doesn’t seem to have changed either, which is good to see. It looks as good as ever, and I’m sure this will carry over to the more action oriented scenes once we actually see some. My Hero Academia always manages to look great and it’s nice to see that Bones are still putting plenty of effort into the series. The new opening is also an absolute bop and I can’t wait to jam to it before every episode.

mha 39-4.jpg

By this point, after 38 episodes, you know whether you’re going to continue watching My Hero Academia or not. There’s no point in me specifically recommending the show. If you like My Hero Academia Season 1 and My Hero Academia Season 2, it’s fair to say you’ll like My Hero Academia Season 3! But if you don’t have a lot of time this week, you can maybe skip this one episode and join us next Saturday without missing much.


  • We get to see the whole gang back together
  • Izuku pumping iron in his bedroom while watching his Top Ten Favourite All Might Moments on YouTube
  • The reveal that the girls are wearing full body swimsuits


  • This episode has so many recaps that it must think I have amnesia
  • Mineta still exists despite all of my best efforts to erase him from this earth

One thought on “Spring 2018 First Impressions: My Hero Academia S3 – The One Where They Have A Clip Show From Friends

  1. I was somewhat less than impressed by this as a lead in to the third season. It really did just seem like this should have been an extra aired before the season started specifically for viewers who don’t manage to remember the main plot points. That said, I felt the same way after the start of season 2 so I will assume this will get better, like season 2 did, and reserve judgement until we get an actual episode and not a recap fest.

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