Spring 2018 Weekly Roundup: Week Two – I Am Thou, Thou Art Tired

So we’re already into the second week of Spring anime! After all those First Impressions posts (which I kinda fell down on towards the end… there’s so much stuff and I got sick halfway through the first week!) I already feel exhausted. To keep myself from watching too much stuff, I need to be more picky about what I will and will not continue. I’ve already dropped a handful of series that showed promise in their first episode due to not delivering fast enough, and I expect that to continue over the next couple of weeks. For brevity, I haven’t included anything where only the first episode is out, because I have already covered those in excruciating detail!

So, what second episodes have I watched this week? What did I love, what was just okay, and which series have I had to ultimately say goodbye to? See below to find out!

Pictured: Aoi’s grandfather Shiro, who claimed that he was “doing it for the Vine” decades before Vine existed.

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